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Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania

The Endless Mountains Region of Pennsylvania includes the four counties just to the east of Tioga County and the Penn Wells.

Geologically speaking, the region does not consist of true mountains, but that doesn’t take away from the area’s natural beauty. So named for the endlessly rolling hills that make up the landscape, the region is a mecca for travelers seeking out scenic, serene views.

The highest peak in the region is the North Knob of Elk Mountain at 2,693 feet, home to Elk Mountain Ski resort. With its 1,000-foot vertical drop and 27 ski trails, the resort is considered one of the nation’s hidden skiing gems. The Endless Mountains Region is home to 16 state parks and other public lands, which offer hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, swimming, boating, and much more for nature lovers.

Once relying on mining and lumbering operations, the region’s economy today is largely based on tourism, forestry, and agriculture, with sizable Mennonite and Amish populations. A fun fact: songwriter Stephen Foster’s beloved American minstrel classic “Camptown Races” was written about Camptown of Bradford County. You can step back in time and participate in the race yourself, which is still run every fall in Camptown. No longer “5 miles long,” this 10K foot race includes both flat road and a 2.8-mile long trail section featuring tree roots, loose rocks and a creek crossing.

Endless Mountains of PA