Recent times have brought great changes to many things in our lives. One of the biggest the number of families that have been challenged to take on virtual learning or homeschooling. Many years ago my husband and I made the decision to homeschool our three children. Using a virtual charter school program worked best for our needs, but as a home educator you may be looking for ways to make learning fun and hands on for the kids. Field trips do not need to be relegated to the spring, or even to traditional places that are not currently open because of COVID 19. Some of the best trips we took as a schooling family were shorter 2-3 days trips where we picked a central location and then traveled to various locations that were near the hub. Wellsboro offers multiple locations that are doable as simple day trips. Combine those trips with a stay at the Penn Wells Lodge and make it a mini learning vacation!

Follow me over the next few weeks as I share ideas for schooling based fun that explores what the Wellsboro region can offer your schooling family.

Clare Marie Ritter