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Motorcoach tours at the Penn Wells

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Located in the heart of downtown Wellsboro’s historic district, the Penn Wells is a perfect spot to stop with your bus tour passengers for dining or overnight lodging. It offers an even better multi-day lodging option for spoke tours that incorporate some of our many nearby attractions. We offer comfortable, well-appointed rooms, ample parking and turnaround space, flexible complimentary breakfast on location, and a variety of delicious lunch and dinner menus in a beautiful and truly unique dining atmosphere.

Download our brochure for Motorcoach Tour Operators and our Motorcoach Menu.

The Penn Wells is centrally located among many of the top tourist destinations in the northeastern United States.

New York, NY: 254 miles
Harrisburg, PA: 146 miles
Niagara Falls: 169 miles
Philadelphia: 229 miles
Buffalo, NY: 150 miles
Pittsburgh, PA: 235 miles
Ithaca, NY: 79 miles
Baltimore, MD: 230 miles
Corning, NY: 40 miles
Washington, DC: 260 miles
Williamsport, PA: 54 miles
Toronto, ON: 238 miles

We are happy to help plan your bus tour event at the Penn Wells. Please reserve your special experience by contacting Shawn Bryant or Clare Ritter at 570-724-2111 for prices and availability for motor coach tours.

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