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Rafting in the Pine Creek Gorge

Explore the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania, the Pine Creek Gorge, from the water on this guided rafting adventure.

A rafting getaway allows visitors to experience the natural beauty of Pine Creek in a dynamic way. Contact Pine Creek Outfitters in Ansonia, PA, to make arrangements to raft your way down one of Pennsylvania’s most famous natural landmarks, spotting wildlife, such as Bald Eagles, deer, fox, and amazing unspoiled beauty along the way. Their experienced guides will make sure you get the most out of your trip by helping you navigate the class II/III rapids and pointing out interesting features along the 17 miles of Pine Creek you’ll travel. Lunch is included at the halfway point, and Pine Creek Outfitters will shuttle you back to your car when you’re through.

We recommend that you check in the night before your rafting excursion and enjoy a relaxing evening at the Penn Wells Hotel or Lodge. The next morning catch a quick breakfast at the Penn Wells (included in every stay) and then arrive at Pine Creek Outfitters (15 minute drive) by 8:30 a.m. When your excursion is over, there is plenty more to discover in Wellsboro and its surroundings if you choose to extend your stay with us.

Call 570-724-2111 today or book online to reserve your room. Visit in spring for the fastest rapids or in late spring/early summer for a more relaxing (and warmer water) float. The Pine Creek Gorge is a naturally-flowing waterway that changes with the season and the water level is not controlled by man-made infrastructure. Therefore, the creek is usually only floatable by raft in March through May. If you are looking during other times of the year, the Outfitters offers a variety of other water activities including kayaking and tubing.

Although a fun family activity, because of the length of the trip and brisk water temperatures, the Outfitters recommends rafting for children aged 10 and up. For families with younger children, please call the Penn Wells at 570-724-2111 and one of our front desk attendants would be happy to suggest other outdoor adventure activities suitable for younger children including some terrific hiking routes and biking opportunities.

The article “Pine Creek Water Trail” published in PA Angler and Boater magazine is an informative read for those interested in learning more about paddling Pine Creek, including detailed maps for those setting out on their own water adventures.

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