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Wellsboro Area Hiking Excursions

The Penn Wells Hotel and Lodge provide a comfortable home base for your Wellsboro area hiking trip.

Sure, camping is fine, but why not come back to cozy accommodations, indoor pool and Jacuzzi, and great food? You’ll also find complimentary high-speed wi-fi service, perfect for posting photos of your time in the great outdoors. A hot American breakfast with Starbucks® coffee is included for all guests to get you ready for the next day’s adventure. Below, we have provided information on the posted trails we most often recommend to guests of the Penn Wells, but feel free to get out there and blaze your own trails. There is plenty of space here for everyone. All of the trails below can be used for half-day, full-day, or multi-day hikes using the Penn Wells as a base.

West Rim Trail: Accessed at the northern trailhead in Ansonia, 8 miles West of Wellsboro, this 30.5 mile route was named “The Best Hike in Pennsylvania” by Outside Magazine. This hiking trail, rated moderate for difficulty, runs along the western rim of the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon. Tioga State Forest provides the setting for this perfect backpacking trek through the PA Wilds. Hiking the full trail takes 2-4 days.

Turkey Path: The Turkey Path is located in Leonard Harrison State Park and begins with a mile-long descent to the bottom of Pine Creek Gorge. Just be prepared for the climb back up! And be forewarned: there is no bridge across Pine Creek at the Canyon floor. The trail features multiple waterfalls and a nice observation post halfway down built by the Youth Conservation Corps in 1978.

Pine Creek Rail Trail: The Pine Creek Rail Trail is most famous for its status as one of the top-ranked cycling rail trails in the United States. However, anyone looking for a flat walk through the wilderness will enjoy a stroll on the trail as well, as walking and jogging are permitted. The trail is accessed 3 miles from the Penn Wells at Wellsboro Junction or 8 miles away in Ansonia. This is a great place to take kids and see wildlife.

Yellow Birch Trail: The Yellow Birch trail provides a short one-mile hike in Hills Creek Park, which is located 8 miles east of the Penn Wells. While short in length and rated easy for difficulty, this trail provides ample access to forest habitats, including stands of hardwood, hemlock swamps, and marshlands. Wildlife is abundant here.

Barbour Rock Trail: Located 8 miles west of the Penn Wells in Ansonia, Barbour Rock Trail is perfect for families or those with disabilities, as the trail can be accessed by a single-person motorized accessibility device. Barbour Rock Trail is .75 miles and considered easy in difficulty. Views of the Owassee Rapids are considered the highlight of this trail.

Mid-State Trail: The Mid-State trail, known as “The Wildest Trail in Pennsylvania,” runs 319 miles from the Maryland border through Pennsylvania passing through Hills Creek State Park 8 miles northeast of the Penn Wells. Explore a part of this trail during your stay with us, and settle into the Lodge’s Jacuzzi for some rejuvenation after your back-country adventure.

Bear Run Nature Trail Loop: Accessed from the Barbour Rock parking lot 3 miles south of Ansonia on the Colton Point Road, this easy-to-navigate loop through Tioga State Forest includes hemlock forest amid a multitude of other species.

Lakeside Trail at Hills Creek State Park: The hiking loop around Hills Creek Lake, located appropriately in the Hills Creek State Park, is nirvana for bird watchers thanks to the diverse forestry present in this area, but beavers are also a trail highlight.

Sand Run Falls Trail: This popular offshoot of the Mid-State trail is notable for its waterfalls, and waterproof shoes are recommended for those hiking this 6 mile trail in Arnot, Pennsylvania, located approximately 14 miles from the Penn Wells. Half of the trail is part of the Mid-State trail. That portion is blazed with orange.

The Black Forest Trail: The Black Forest Trail is a 42-mile, horseshoe-shaped loop. The trail starts approximately 28 miles from the Penn Wells, but for guests looking for rugged, steep, and challenging climbs, it is worth the drive southwest from the Hotel & Lodge. The trail borders the southern portion of the Pine Creek Rail Trail, and has multiple access points for segmented hiking. Drive or arrange transportation available back to Wellsboro from Pine Creek Outfitters or Canyon Country Cabs.

Wellsboro Area Hiking Excursions