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Motorcycle Touring

Experience the Scenic Beauty of Pennsylvania’s Grand Canyon Country.

Wellsboro’s countryside offers countless scenic roads that wind, bend and dip through the bucolic landscape, whisking you away from the distractions of your daily life. Surrounded by beautiful scenery and great history, you will enjoy traversing the network of small towns, state park lands, scenic byways and country roads. Let Wellsboro and the Penn Wells Hotel & Lodge provide you with a home base as you explore the area.

Motorcycle Touring

In summer and fall, it is not unusual to see large groups of motorcycles roar into downtown Wellsboro. We welcome all bikers, but we have had some extra special groups with us in recent years. In 2012 we hosted the Pre-1930s Cannonball Endurance Run, in which pre-30s cycles traveled from New York to San Francisco.Shinya Kimura arrives at the Penn Wells on his 1915 Indian Twin motorcycle during the 2012 cross-countryCannonball.
These machines were vintage! For more photos, visit the Penn Wells facebook page.

In 2011, we hosted a group of Chinese Harley enthusiasts who flew from China to Philadelphia, got on Harleys, and rode on to Harley Davidson headquarters in Wisconsin. A long way to go for a Harley ride, but they experienced a healthy dose of Americana here in Wellsboro.

For those looking for a guided tour with local expertise, we recommend Canyon Vista Motorcycle Tours. They have been directing tours for years and can help with every aspect of your group excursion.

Some of the best riding routes available

Our motorcycle tour lodging is located at the centerpiece of the Grand Army of the Republic Highway a.k.a. Historic U.S. Route 6. Route 6 in Pennsylvania has been identified by Harley Davidson as “Pennsylvania’s Best Touring Route” and rated in the Top 40 of the “Best Routes” in the U.S. by Pennsylvania Magazine published a great summary of this route.
“The road is in great condition and traffic is generally light – particularly in the mid-section. There are plenty of open spaces for passing when needed. Throughout the entire route, US 6 offers many gentle curves, a few nice sweepers and some modest elevation changes. It’s an easy road to navigate – no hairpin turns or switchbacks – just miles of great scenery and enough curves and hills to keep you interested.

When I am in this area, I usually utilize the town of Wellsboro as my base camp.

Wellsboro, like most of the towns along this route, is a picturesque town that was built upon lumber industry wealth – it is a charming place with tree-lined streets that are adorned with street lamps, well kept Victorian homes and local shops. Wellsboro is an inviting place and its hotels cater to motorcycle touring enthusiasts. I’m a sucker for old, historic hotels so I usually stay at the Penn-Wells(sic) Hotel when I am traveling in the region.”Motorcyclists love the weaving routes through PA Canyon Country

Motorcycle Touring